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  • Expanding into Africa

    Von Seidels’ joint venture for IP in Africa - Rouse Africa

    Von Seidels has entered into a joint venture with global IP firm, Rouse. All Africa IP matters outside of South Africa are handled by our joint company, Rouse Africa, by the same professional team as before. Our structure and services in South Africa have not changed. Read more in our news section.

  • Meet Érik van der Vyver

    Patent Attorney

    An experienced patent attorney, IT and electronics specialist, with an aptitude for patent litigation and advising on international IP issues.

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  • Meet Bastiaan Koster

    Patent Attorney and Trademark Specialist

    An approachable legal leader, accomplished patent attorney and trademark practitioner with broad understanding of the African and international Intellectual Property landscapes, consummate in a very wide range of IP matters.

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  • Meet Christine Strutt

    Copyright and Trademark Attorney

    A dynamic trademark attorney with a commercial focus on Intellectual Property, Christine’s background in law and marketing sees her focusing on strategic brand management.

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  • Cybersecurity Bill

    Draft Bill open for public comment until 30 November

    The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development is reviewing cybersecurity and invites members of the public to comment on the draft Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill. It includes offences relating to personal information and computer fraud.


Von Seidels is an intellectual property law firm based in Cape Town, with satellite offices in Somerset West and Johannesburg, South Africa. We specialise in protecting and enforcing IP rights in South Africa and Africa.

Von Seidels is Africa's only ISO 9001 certified IP firm.

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Latest News

Tech Report November 2015

This month’s Tech Report includes Samsung’s method for coding and decoding video, new actions such as drag and drop by Microsoft, an image coding and decoding method by Panasonic, and a method for providing e-content to a device by the University of Johannesburg.

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South Africa has a depository patent filing system. South African patent applications are not subjected to substantive examination…

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South Africa is a member of the Paris Convention and design applications can be filed up to six months after the earliest priority date…

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South Africa is a member of the Paris Convention and priority may be claimed if the South African trade mark registration is filed within…

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South Africa is a member of the Berne Convention and South African copyright law is in compliance with the copyright laws of most…

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The Counterfeit Goods Act of 1997 was enacted specifically to deal with the scourge of counterfeiting and dealing in counterfeit goods in...

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A complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority can lead to the removal of advertisements that are false, mislead, imitate or are...

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Intellectual property rights can be used by assigning (selling) or licensing them to others. Patents, registered designs, trademarks…

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Intellectual property rights are tools that are applied in business. They can be expensive and acquiring them will require time and …

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Intellectual property rights are enforced through the various courts in South Africa. In the case of patent matters, the court of first instance is…

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In terms of the Plant Breeders' Rights Act 15 of 1976, protection may be obtained in respect of a new distinct, uniform and stable variety of…

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